Everyone loves BODYPUMP®! Instructors love the varied workout and stellar soundtrack. Participants love the challenge and the energy. Owners love launch and the money generated by group fitness when BODYPUMP® is in the house. BUT, what does one do when plateaus come or the challenge begins to lessen? No worries! Below are a host of ways to adjust your BODYPUMP® workout to ensure that you continue to progress and see results!

WEIGHT: The weight you apply to the bar is the simplest mechanism by which to alter your challenge. Adjusting the load regularly will keep your muscles engaged both to complete the working phase of the exercise, but also by recruiting more stabilizers. Be careful to adjust your barbell in small increments and only to a weight you can sustain for the entire track. It is also a good idea to make increases when your instructor indicates a track is shorter than usual or if/when there are options pre-planned... [Read More]

Lots of questions have been rolling in about launch lately. It seems owners and managers are requiring the same results on a smaller budget due to market factors. Fear not, there is a way to keep the fun fiesta atmosphere without spending a small fortune.

Decide three things: 1) Who are you trying to target in this launch? 2) What are your goals in memberships and attendance? 3) How can you meet them using only those people/businesses with whom you have daily contact? Answering these questions will allow you to focus your launch a bit and also measure effectively if/when goals are met.

Your target audience can be simply non-members or specifically men or members of a given demographic. Evaluate with your general manager, personal training manager, ancillary services managers, and instructor team where the focus should be. If your launch calendar revolves around holidays or seasons, you may want to rotate your targeted group in a pre-determined pattern. Other options are to determine your audience based on new programs being launched for the first time or to correlate with a new service available in your facility...
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CONGRATULATIONS to new tribe members:

Lake Park Swim & Fitness in Menasha, WI Now offering: BODYATTACK®, BODYFLOW®, BODYPUMP®, and BODYSTEP®.

The YMCA in New Albany, Indiana has brought on BODYPUMP® for the very first time!

The Gold’s Gym in Bismarck, ND picked up RPM®.

Club Fitness-Ballwin in St. Peter’s, Missouri now features BODYPUMP®!

Endurance Fitness Center of Kentwood in Kentwood, MI has unleashed BODYCOMBAT®.

And... the Hastings YMCA in Minneapolis, MN has stepped it up with BODYSTEP®!

WELCOME ALL! Stand Strong...

Jefferson Meadors, President of Total Body Fitness which owns and operates Powerhouse Gym Twinsburg and Powerhouse Athletic Academy, is experiencing the culture of Les Mills . We want to publicly welcome the founder of Powerhouse Athletic Academy and Retired Professional Strongman to the Les Mills Midwest TRIBE. This facility broke from another pre-choreographed company after learning what products LMI had to offer and finding out the level of service LMMW provides.

It is going GREAT! Jefferson says, “We will launch with RPM®, BODYPUMP®, BODYSTEP® and BODYFLOW®. We will add BODYATTACK® and BODYCOMBAT® early 2009. We are located in Twinsburg Ohio - Between Cleveland and Akron. We are a 24 hour facility with over 31,000 square feet. We have 4 studios and the very best group of instructors anywhere.”

WELCOME TO THE TRIBE Jefferson. We know your instructors are thrilled to have your support and to know that you are looking out for them. Great instructors teaching the best suite of pre-choreographed programs around—that sounds like a formula for success! CONGRATULATIONS!
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Here at LMMW we want to make sure we acknowledge success and appreciate those who embrace the culture of Les Mills. We have featured the Scott Family YMCA before as an innovator in implementing the programs. Read on to see just what they’ve done since they caught the Les Mills fever!

The Les Mills programs have taken the Quad Cities by storm offering programs in all four of our YMCAs. The Davenport Branch of the Scott County Family Y began the first of many Les Mills programs in the fall of 2007 with BODYPUMP®. Momentum built as our Fitness Director, Annie Schaefer couldn’t stop talking about what an unbelievable program this was. With a very poor group fitness schedule and very few participants we needed a make-over and with Annie’s leadership and the BODYPUMP® program we opened new doors and began changing lives forever. [Read More]

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